LivEco is suitable for a heating area of ​​4 square meters to 32 square meters and comes in a wide range of power supplies 500-3000 watts. All devices connect to the MyTESY application that allows you to control the operation of the device according to needs and save energy.

Heating System advancing

Weekly planning 24/7

The operation of the device can be set for every half hour of the day by days.

Safety above all

The device is equipped with a safety thermo shut-off device, which turns off the oven automatically in cases of overheating

Smart heating system

Improving the temperature in the heated room, with minimal power consumption. After 96 hours of self-study, The functionality allows the heating body to set the turn-on time by itself so that the desired temperature is reached at the time defined by the user.

Control via smartphone

MyTesy app to monitor your device and save energy through internet control

Energy efficiency

The product is manufactured in accordance with the European directive /2009/125EC which establishes a framework for defining the requirements for ecological properties of products in relation to energy consumption. Therefore, the product has high energy efficiency.

Fast heating of the room

Provides up to 25% faster heating of the room thanks to the special design of the device, specific outlet network shape and heating body With a stainless steel core and an aluminum radiator. Convection flow speed - up to 1.18 meters per second measured at room temperature 18°C

the providers and measurements

heating areamaximum powerDevice dimensions cmProduct descriptionSKU
Between 4-6 square meters500W45.9 X 44.2 X 9.7CN 051 050 EI CLOUD W20001009
Between 8-12 square meters1000W45.9 X 56.2 X 9.7CN 051 100 EI CLOUD W20001001
Between 12-18 square meters1500W45.9 X 63.2 X 9.7CN 051 150 EI CLOUD W20001004
Between 16-24 square meters2000W45.9 X 83.6 X 9.7CN 051 200 EI CLOUD W20001005
Between 20-28 square meters2500W45.9 X 101.2 X 9.7CN 051 250 EI CLOUD W20001007
Between 24-32 square meters3000W45.9 X 119.5 X 9.7CN 051 300 EI CLOUD W20001008

The guide to choosing The convector that suits you


first step

Choose the model you want FinEco or LivEco


second level

Measure the relevant room, make sure there is a free outlet for the device


third phase

Choosing the right product according to the heating zone that matches the size of the room. Make sure that the place where you wanted to install the device has enough space for the appropriate device size. Choose the right product for the size of the room according to the heating zone.


Fourth step

Write to us and we will send you a quote

Leave details And we will match you with the perfect product


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