Bathroom heaters

TESY offers a variety of bathroom heaters that are also used as towel warmers that can be hung on the walls of the room. TESY continues the classic design and uses different materials: glass, quartz and more. Choose the bath heater that suits you.

bath heaters Advanced

ErP standard

The device is ErP compliant, according to the energy-related products directive, therefore the device enables improved energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Safety above all

The device is equipped with a safety thermo shut-off device, which turns off the oven automatically in cases of overheating of the device.

Weekly planning 24/7

The operation of the device can be set for every half hour of the day by days.

Protection class IP24

The degree required for bathroom heating devices.

Energy efficiency

The product is manufactured in accordance with the European directive /2009/125EC which establishes a framework for defining the requirements for ecological properties of products in relation to energy consumption.

Advanced work modes

3 modes: comfort, eco and anti-frost

the models our

14 sided bath heater

Bath heater 17 ribs

White glass bath heater

Black glass bath heater

Bath heat diffuser

Heat diffuser with towel heating device

Infrared bath heater

the providers and measurements

maximum powerheating areamodelproduct
500WBetween 4-6 square metersTH01 500W14 sided bath heater
750Wbetween 6-8 square metersTH01 750WBath heater 17 ribs
2000WBetween 14-18 square metersGH 200 WWhite glass bath heater
2000WBetween 14-18 square metersGH 200 BWBlack glass bath heater
2000WBetween 14-18 square metersHL-249VB WBath heat diffuser
2000WBetween 14-18 square metersHL-243VB WHeat diffuser with towel heating device
1200WBetween 8-10 square metersQH04 120Infrared bath heater

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