TESY Israel has been the exclusive representative of TESY in Israel for several years. The TESY company was established 30 years ago and is among the leading manufacturers in Europe in the field of heating. All the company’s products are manufactured in Bulgaria in accordance with the strictest European standards, the products are developed with an eye on environmental quality and sustainability.

TESY has offices in 5 countries and distributes its products in 54 countries on 4 continents with a team of more than 800 people.

TESY believes that heat is a central factor in human life, therefore the company and its employees use their experience, innovation and passion to build and develop smart heating solutions.

In 2016 TESY registered a global patent for the PISTON Effect solution which filters 98% of the bacteria in the air in the heated room. All TESY home heating solutions have remote control in the MyTESY application in 24 languages ​​including Hebrew.

TESY products are installed in Israel in thousands of homes in new residential projects and in private homes, which enjoy many advantages, including:

  • Control each unit separately, through an app or through a touch screen on the device, with a temperature resolution of up to half an hour. This makes it possible to save expenses, to turn each unit on and off as needed.
  • Good air hygiene.
  • Automatic safety thermo shutdown in case of overheating.

our values

Why Tesy?


To raise the bar, in the world of heating systems, as a leader in innovation and design of maximum heating solutions Convenience at the touch of a button.


The TESY team consists of professionals with ambitious goals and a passion for new technology The TESY culture inspires people to do beyond what they imagined they could to do. The team puts their heart and mind into everything they do to embrace dynamic change.


TESY people are quality people with an open mind, eager to learn and full of inspiration to create. TESY uses the latest technologies with the highest functionality and impressive design


Openness and integrity are the reason for our long-term partnerships. TESY offers reliable products and technologies while providing quality service and respect for the individual.



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